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Professional Development
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Mission (What We Do):  The ESU 6 Department of Professional Development will provide rigorous and ongoing programs that promote improved adult and student learning.

Ok, so that is the fancy mission of the PD department, but what does that really mean?  We think that the best way to improve student learning is for the adults (teachers, administrators, and anyone else) to learn.  In our minds, professional development is about gaining new skills that are used in the classroom, or workplace - not a bunch of workshops.


Vision (What We Would Like to See):  All schools improve instruction with relevant, individualized, and ongoing training through collaboration and reflective practice.

So that’s our vision - we think the world would be great if every staff member in every school had the chance to improve through reflective practice. Reflective practice means everybody tries something new, decides how well it went, and what they would do differently next time.  We think that is how anyone gets better at anything.




Milford Office: (main office) | 210 5th St | Milford, NE 68405 | Ph: 402-761-3341 | PH: 800-327-0091 | Fx: 402-761-3279
Geneva Office: 225 N. 17th St | Geneva, NE 68361 | Ph: 402-759-3143 | Fx: 402-759-4864